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NRG-X Labs

NRG-X Labs

NRG-X Labs was founded in 2008 by Joshua B. Smith. Joshua’s objective was to create a sports supplement manufacturer that would get out of the business as usual attitude that has taken over the industry. NRG-X Labs was established with the belief that many companies in the sports supplement industry are, well, less than trustworthy. Outrageous label claims, farfetched marketing strategies, these are the tactics that many companies use to advertise their products. Consumers, though, are left in the dust, using products that don’t come close to the effectiveness that their advertising campaigns claim. NRG-X Labs believes that this is not the way it has to be. Sports supplement manufacturers can be different and change their business practices to ensure honesty, trust, and respect, and that’s what NRG-X Labs is here to do. “Excellence in Nutrition” is the NRG-X Labs motto, a commitment that has driven their success.

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