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Primordial Performance Sweet Serum 8.2 fl.oz

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Primordial Performance Sweet Serum 8.2 fl.oz

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Quick Overview

• Natural low sugar sweetener
• Contains Organic Xagave, yacon and stevia
• Naturally sweet inulin fiber supports healthy digestion
• Ideal for low-calorie or low-carb diets
• Healthy sugar alternative – Safe for diabetics

Product Description

What is Sweet Serum?

Sweet Serum
is a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. A small amount can sweeten food, beverages, marinades and sauces.

Created with natural plant nectars, Sweet Serum contains beneficial polysaccharides [inulin] that supports healthy digestion.

What are the ingredients?

The first ingredient is Xagave, which is an organic form of agave syrup that has been standardized for inulin content. Inulin is beneficially prebiotic fiber with a naturally sweet taste. Xagave contains minimally processed nectars from Blue and White Agave plants. This blend provides the best tasting and healthiest agave on the market.*

The second ingredient is syrup from the yacon root [smallanthus sonchifolius]. The syrup from yacon root was included for its naturally high content of fructooligosaccharides [FOS]. FOS is another form of inulin beneficial for the digestive system and the intestinal flora.

Finally, Sweet Serum is enhanced with concentrated stevia extract from natural stevia leaf (stevia rebaudiana). This particular extract is up to 300x sweeter than sugar, and is an excellent non-calorie sweetness enhancer.

* Other brands of agave syrup on the market may contain low amounts of beneficial inulin and high amounts of fructose and glucose sugars due to extreme heating used in processing. Xagave is the only raw agave on the market to be processed under 120°F and contain a standardized amount of inulin (12%) and high content of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

How does Sweet Serum improve my digestive health?

Sweet Serum
is standardized to contain 18% total inulin from agave and yacon root syrup.

Inulin and FOS are complex chains of fructose and glucose molecules created by plants which acts as an indigestible polysaccharide [soluble fiber] in the human digestive track. Since the body cannot breakdown inulin, it is not absorbed into the blood, and therefore does not raise blood sugar or have any caloric value.

These indigestible polysaccharides are known to support digestive health by supporting the growth of probiotic organisms in the intestines. Probiotic organisms such as lactobacilli and bifidobacterium help support the immune system and prevent over growth of Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria.

How does Sweet Serum taste?

Sweet Serum
has a very concentrated sweet honey taste. When mixing a small amount with food or beverage Sweet Serum adds a very balanced sweetness that satisfies the palette without tasting artificial and empty like most non-calorie sweeteners.

Can I cook with it?

Yes, sweet serum can be used in cooking. In fact it’s a great way to make low sugar teriyaki and other low calorie marinades and sauces.

Keep in mind that cooking at high temperatures (above 180°F) may break down the inulin into fructose and glucose molecules, thus reducing the fiber content.

Is sweet serum safe for diabetics and children?


The average serving of Sweet Serum has virtually no effect on blood sugar, therefore it is considered a safe sweetener for diabetics, and those who wish to avoid raising their blood sugar levels.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Primordial Performance
Serving Size: 1/2 Tsp (2.5mL)
Per Container: 8.2 fl.oz
Ingredients (Amount Per Serving) 8 Calories
2g Total Carbohydrates 1%
1g Sugars
<1g Fiber <1%
2.5g Organic Sweet Serum
(Standardized for 18% prebiotic inulin fiber)
Raw Agave Syrup (Xagave™)
Raw Racon Syrup
Stevia Extract
Cinnamon Extract
Directions Add Sweet Serum to food or beverage as desired. For example, to sweeten a cup of tea or coffee add 1/2 Tsp (2.5mL). Sweet Serum may be also be used in sauces or dressings to add sweetness and nutritional value.

1 Tsp of Sweet Serum is equal in sweetness to approximately 5 Tsp of granulated sugar.

Consume daily as many times as desired.

Store in a dry cool place away from light.

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