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Fo-ti is a plant that is native to China. In China, it is known as he-shou-wu, which means "black haired Mr. He." The name comes from a legend that describes an elderly Chinese man with graying hair who was able to regain his hair's black coloring by taking fo-ti.

The herb is known as a tonic that can restore youthful characteristics like vitality and energy. The medicinal part of fo-ti is the dried root. In Chinese medicine, fo-ti is used to combat premature aging. It is said to increase strength and tone the liver, kidneys and blood. Fo-ti is also used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

There are two types of fo-ti used as herbal remedies, white and red. White fo-ti is the unprocessed root of the plant. It is often used to keep the digestive tract functioning and to cleanse the blood. Red fo-ti is the processed root, which is used as an overall tonic.

In traditional Chinese medicine, red fo-ti is often recommended to strengthen the blood, promote youthful vitality, increase fertility and treat fatigue, back pain, angina pectoris and other conditions associated with wear and tear on the body. There is also evidence that red fo-ti can boost immunity and prevent the growth of bacteria. Further, fo-ti may be useful in preventing the onset of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Animal studies suggest that the lectins in unprocessed (white) fo-ti prevent the build-up of cholesterol in the liver and blood. It may also reduce the formation of plaque on the walls of arteries.

The less-expensive, unprocessed root tends to be more readily available, so those wanting to use the herb as a tonic to promote longevity should be sure they are using a processed preparation of fo-ti. Processed fo-ti is a dark, reddish brown color, while the unprocessed root is a lighter brown.

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