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Feta Cheese

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One of the two oldest cheeses in the world together with kaseri is feta cheese, a genuine Greek product. Strictly speaking, the real feta it is produced exclusively in Greece and it is considered to be a traditional Greek cheese par excellence.

Feta belongs to the category of soft cheese. Feta is produced by sheep milk or a blend of sheep and goat milk up to a proportion of 70:30 %.Sheep's feta cheese is strong and rich (high in fat) while goat feta cheese makes for a strong game flavored product.

Before being available for consumption, feta goes through a two month maturation at least, this being the period of development of all its organoleptic and qualitative characteristics, which make the difference from other soft cheeses of the same category. Feta cheese is a type of brine matured cheese, packaged in traditional wooden barrels, tin vessels or small packages made of materials specified for food products.It is a solid mass cheese with no rind with a few uneven holes. It is white colored, pleasant in flavor, lightly sour and rich in aroma.

In the market we found two qualitative variations, soft and hard feta. Due to its greater humidity content, soft feta is sweeter, less salty, rich in aroma and less spicy, while hard feta is saltier and spicier, having a stronger taste and aroma.

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