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Cider Vinegar

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Product Description

Cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from cider, typically cider made with apples. Cider is a liquid made by pressing fresh fruit. If allowed to ferment, cider will become alcoholic, and if it is oxidized and fermented properly, the alcoholic cider will become vinegar. Cider vinegar has been made for centuries in numerous nations, along with other vinegar products. It is a rich golden to brown color, and should be stored in a cool dark place such as a cabinet until ready for use.

Many health claims are associated with cider vinegar in particular, probably because it is fermented in a long process which generates mother of vinegar, a bacterial slime which forms on the top of vinegar as it ferments. Mother of vinegar is harmless and bland in flavor, and some people believe that the acetic acid bacteria which make it are beneficial. For this reason, cider vinegar is often sold unfiltered, allowing consumers to choose whether or not they want to consume the mother of vinegar.

Other health claims for cider vinegar are more dubious. Many dieters use it, claiming that it induces a feeling of fullness and that it promotes health. In addition, some people use cider vinegar in skin care, because of its astringent properties. However, it can damage sensitive skin and is extremely painful if it gets into the eyes, and this use is not advised.

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