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  • An Apple a Day

    As everyone has heard, an apple a day keeps the doctor a way.  But is this saying really true?  Well according to recent research the noble apple deserves its healthy reputation.  The apple is a terrific source of vitamins and nutrients and eating just one a day can therefore be a great way to reap a variety of health rewards.

    Apples are a great source of vitamin C and especially in the cold and flu season, this is a very, very important vitamin.  Vitamin C can help boost immune function as well as speed healing.  Vitamin C is essential to healthy gums as well.  Bruising easily is also a sign that you may be lacking in this nutrient, so pick up an apple and enjoy.

    Apples are also a great source of flavanoids.  Flavanoids help to prevent heart disease, lower the risk of coronaries, and improve cardiovascular function overall.  As such, these are important little nutrients for keeping your heart and body healthy.  Flavanoids are also vital for antioxidant effects, so eating an apple can help increase antioxidant power.

    Apples are also important for keeping cholesterol levels in check.  Apples contain something called phenols, which are capable of reducing the bad cholesterol while increasing the good kind.  This is important for many reasons, of course, including the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.  Apples help to prevent cholesterol from oxidizing which is a very serious effect.

    Apples are also good for the lungs.  Research reveals that those people who ate apples regularly, five or more apples a week, were less prone to respiratory problems like asthma.  Again, just one apple a day can be enough to help prevent these issues.

    Finally, apples are low in calories.  Most apples contain somewhere between seventy to one hundred calories.  Because they are sweet they can also satisfy that sugary craving.  Opting for an apple instead of candy or chocolate will therefore not only help prevent a host of diseases, but will also keep your waistline slimmer.

    Apples are a great snack food.  They are flavourful and healthy and offer a host of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Pair an apple with a handful of almonds or walnuts and you have a protein and vitamin rich snack.

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