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Primordial Performance Slumber Stack

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Primordial Performance Slumber Stack

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Quick Overview

• Relieve stress and anxiety with Dream Tea & Sleep Scent
• 100% organic & natural herbal tea for bedtime relaxation
• Promote deep REM sleep without side effects
• Slip into tranquility with the inhalation of essential oils
• Wake up rested and rejuvenated without the hangover

Product Description

100% organic & natural herbal tea for bedtime relaxation

What is the Slumber Stack?

The Slumber Stack includes Dream Tea and Sleep Scent. Dream Tea is a bulk tea which is prepared and drank as a relaxing and calming beverage. The Sleep Scent is a small vial of essential oils with a fresh apple scent that encourages a natural state of tranquility upon inhalation. Both products can be used together for a synergistic effect on promoting healthy sleep without side effects. (Products can also be purchased separately)

Each bag of Dream Tea contains 3 1/2 oz of loose leaf tea, which will make about 20 cups of tea. Each vial of Sleep Scent can last up to 3 months. Since the oil in Sleep Scent is volatile, it will slowly evaporate with each use. Therefore, the longer the cap is left off, the faster the essential oils evaporate.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are an oily liquid which gives plants their characteristic aroma. They are known as "volatile oils" because they evaporate when exposed to air, making them chemically similar to alcohol. Considered natures precious health giving oils, essential oils only make up a small fraction of the plant. For instance, it takes about 500lbs of a given plant to make only 1lb of pure essential oil.

The practice of smelling essential oils for medicinal purposes is called Aromatherapy, which has been practiced for thousands of years. Aromatherapy is a complex science and a powerful tool for treating a variety of mental and physical disorders. Those with sleep disorders have successfully used Aromatherapy to help alleviate everyday worries, reduce nervousness, and calm the emotions for a restful night's sleep. (1)

What does Sleep Scent contain and how does it work?

The Sleep Scent formulation is based off Aromatherapy science. It contains a proprietary blend of chamomile (Roman - arthemis nobilis), valerian (Belgium - valeriana officinalis), lemon balm (USA - melissa officinalis), neroli (Tunisia - citrus aurantium), rose (Chinese - rosmarinus officinalis) and vanilla (Madagascar - vanilla planifolia). All of the essential oils are 100% pure steam distilled Therapeutic Grade for maximum safety and purity.

With a couple deep inhalations of Sleep Scent, the micro airborne oil molecules will dissolve and diffuse through the nasal mucosa, reach the bloodstream and quickly passes the blood brain barrier. (2) This direct absorption allows Sleep Scent to cause a rapid calming effect.

Science has yet to characterize and identify all the active constituents of the essential oils, but it is believed that part of the relaxation and sedative effects come from modulation of the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptor mediated response. (3,4) For instance, valerian has been shown to inhibit the enzymatic breakdown of GABA thus enhancing sedative activity in the brain. (5) Chamomile is another popular oil used as a calming agent, with effects being partially attributed to the flavonoid apigenein, which binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain to induce a mild tranquilizing effect. (6) Neroli oil contains hexanic and dichloromethanic - two active constituents proven to have sedative and anxiolytic properties. (7) Anxiety, otherwise known as a restless or worried mind, is known to be a major psychological cause of insomnia. (8)

The natural essential oils in Sleep Scent have been combined in a precise ratio to quickly promote deep REM sleep, without causing a morning hangover.*

*Sleep Scent is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent sleep related diseases. Sleep Scent is intended to be used for self-fulfillment or experimental purposes.

What does Dream Tea contain and how does it work?

Dream Tea includes a mix of skullcap (USA - scutellaria lateriflora), chamomile flower(Egypt -matricaria recutita), passionflower (Italy - passiflora incarnate), valerian root(USA - valeriana officinalis), spearmint (USA - mentha spicata), rosemary (Spain - rosmarinus officinalis), hibiscus (Egypt - hibiscus sabdariffa), lemon verbena (Argentina - aloysia triphylla), orange peel (USA - citrus sinensis), vanilla roobios (Africa) and stevia (Argentina - stevia rebaudiana).

All ingredients are certified organic by OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic) and are unsurpassed for freshness and taste.

As you can see, we traveled around the world to gather these precious herbs (well, notliterally). Dream Tea is longer acting and milder than the Sleep Scent. Consumed 20-30 minutes before bed, Dream Tea allows a busy mind to slow down, calms the nerves, and induces a mild state of tranquility to prepare the mind for deep REM sleep.

Research has proven the Dream Tea herbs to improve sleep quality and reduce time-to-sleep (sleep latency). One study reported patients had "immediately fallen into a deep sleep" after consuming chamomile tea, thus showing a reduction in sleep latency. (9) Studies with valerian also showed men who consumed valerian had improvements in sleep quality and reductions in sleep latency, compared to placebo. (10,11) Research with passionflower has shown it can prolong sleep and reduce spontaneous locomoter activity. (12)

Is the Slumber Stack safe? Are there side effects?

Prescription benzodiazepines or other synthetic chemical drugs commonly used to treat sleep disorders contain a single active constituent with a specific action. Prolonged use is generally associated with side-effects such as dependence, neurological imbalance, and residual sedation (morning hangover). (8)

The ingredients chosen for Sleep Scent and Dream Tea have been used by many cultures to naturally promote relaxation without jeopardizing the body's own biochemical system. The ingredients in Dream Tea and Sleep Scent are extractions of the "whole herb" which contains hundreds of active constituents. This precise and intricate composition gives Sleep Scent and Dream Tea a balanced action in the body for promoting untroubled sleep, without side effects.

As with any supplement or essential oil, it is important to exercise responsibility and follow the recommended uses.

Why buy from Primordial Performance?

The essential oils in Sleep Scent are sourced from the most reputable distilleries in the world to bring you the purest and most potent essential oils available. Once in our facility, they are handled and stored away from light with the utmost care.

Our tea is imported in small quantities and packed in our own facilities. This ensures that each bag of Dream Tea is less than several weeks old, unlike mass marketed conventional tea which may sit in warehouses for months or years. Plus our tea is 100% organic, free of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Primordial Performance
Serving Size: 1Tbs
Per Container: 20 Tbs
Other Ingredients Dream Tea:
Skullcap* (USA - Scutellaria Lateriflora), Chamomile Flower* (Egypt -Matricaria Recutita), Passionflower* (Italy - Passiflora Incarnate), Valerian Root* (USA - Valeriana Officinalis), Spearmint* (USA - Mentha Spicata), Rosemary* (Spain - Rosmarinus Officinalis), Hibiscus* (Egypt - Hibiscus Sabdariffa), Lemon Verbena* (Argentina - Aloysia Triphylla), Orange Peel* (USA - Citrus Sinensis), Vanilla Roobios* (Africa) and Stevia* (Argentina - Stevia Rebaudiana)
Sleep Scent:
Hazelnut Oil, Chamomile (Roman - Arthemis Nobilis), Valerian (Belgium - Valeriana Officinalis), Lemon Balm (USA - Melissa Officinalis), Neroli (Tunisia - Citrus Aurantium), Rose (Chinese - Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Vanilla (Madagascar - Vanilla Planifolia)

Sleep Scent:
Chamomile (Roman - Arthemis Nobilis), Valerian (Belgium - Valeriana Officinalis), Lemon Balm (USA - Melissa Officinalis), Neroli (Tunisia - Citrus Aurantium), Rose (Chinese - Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Vanilla (Madagascar - Vanilla Planifolia)

*Certified Organic
Directions Dream Tea
1. Fill one tea cage with Dream Tea (1Tbs)
2. Pour 1 cup boiling water over tea cage and steep for 5-7 minutes
3. Briefly shake tea cage under water to release the tea's medicinal power. (After shaking, the tea should appear a blush red.)
4. Remove tea cage and enjoy

Sleep Scent
Immediately prior to sleep, take 2-3 deep inhalations of Sleep Scent by waving the moistened cap below the nose.

Note: Do not inhale more than 3 times within a 2 hour period.
Warning Dream Tea is not recommended for pregnant women.

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