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Primordial Performance Liver Juice 250ml

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Primordial Performance Liver Juice 250ml

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Quick Overview

• Natural liver protector, rejuvenator and cleanser
• Absorbs 8x better than other milk thistle extracts
• Increases production of healthy bile salts
• Natural milk thistle extract has zero side-effects
• Protective against oral steroid induced toxicity

Product Description

Steroids for your Liver

We think Liver Juice is so awesome; it could be called Liver Steroids.

But of course, we didn’t want to give the product a bad name.

It appears that milk thistle does to the liver, what anabolic steroids do to muscles. Milk thistle turns a weak liver to a strong liver (except milk thistle has zero side effects). (1-4)

Ironically, after a formal review of the most current scientific literature on milk thistle, it appears milk thistle has specific protective effects against anabolic and androgenic steroid induced liver toxicity. We will present new and exciting research later in this article.

What’s most disappointing (and damaging to milk thistles reputation) is that 90% of the milk thistle products on the market have super poor absorption at only about 8%. (5-14) Therefore, we had to go the extra mile and create a liquid formula that would actually get milk thistle where it needs to be -- in the liver.

Before I show you exactly how milk thistle works I want to tell you about our impressive accomplishment with our Liver Juice formula, and the break though delivery system. Read on...

Meeting the challenge – Mr. Milk Thistle

Try to image mixing a handful of chalk into a glass of water, you would see it either sink to the bottom or precipitate to the top -- that’s pretty close to how well milk thistle mixes into a glass of water.

To show the exceptional solubility accomplished with the milk thistle in our Liver Juice, we went ahead and took a 5mL dose (500mg) of Liver Juice and mixed it into a glass of water. We then took 500mg of the exact same milk thistle extract used in our Liver Juice, and vigorously shook it into a glass of water. Then they sat for 12 hours.

Liver Juice Comparison

As you can see, the milk thistle in Liver Juice remained completely stable and molecularly dispersed in the liquid. The milk thistle powder alone simply crashed to the bottom of glass. (“crash” means to crystallize, separate or no longer be in solution -- aka, not be absorbed into the body)

BTW, what you just witnessed was the result of about 119 hours in the lab, and about 12 months of research.

Anyway, we managed to make a nice milk thistle formula... but listen to why this is so important...

Membrane Invagination

Obviously, milk thistle does not dissolve in water, and hardly dissolves in most oils. (7) This inability to dissolve means milk thistle is very difficult to be absorbed by the human body, since the larger particles cannot pass though the walls of the digestive tract. (5-8, 12) In fact, milk thistle extract alone only absorbs at a rate of about 8% in humans. (5-14)

Unless nutrients are dispersed to micro-particle size, they simply won't be absorbed by the intestines. In order to get the maximum amount of milk thistle absorbed into the body we had to accomplish 3 things when formulating Liver Juice -

1. Modify the Liqua-Vade delivery system so milk thistle can complexly dissolve.

2. Make sure it remains dissolved once mixed in an aqueous environment (such as the stomach).

3. Make it safe and acceptable for drinking.

We ended up accomplishing all 3 goals. But it certainly wasn’t easy.

Editors note: Some of you home chemistry buffs are probably thinking milk thistle could just dissolve into some basic solvent like alcohol or glycerin. That may accomplish the 1st goal, but as soon as those water soluble solvents become diluted in a glass of water they would lose their solvent capacity and that milk thistle would fall out of solution and crash right to the bottom of the glass, therefore putting milk thistle right back to where it started.

Liqua-Vade – Tailored for Mr. Milk Thistle

Because the milk thistle flavones are such stubborn little molecules, we had to custom tailor our Liqua-Vade delivery system just for Liver Juice. We used a precise ratio of 12 different pharmaceutical grade carriers, phospholipids and fatty esters to dissolve our high potency milk thistle into a fine homogenous solution (while managing to give it a nice sweet almond taste).

Rest assured, our Liqua-Vade delivery technology isn’t some hyped up sugar water. It’s based on Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS) science, which is backed by dozens of 3rd party human clinical trials and is currently one of the hottest research fields in modern day drug delivery (5-7)

Over the years there have been other attempts at enhancing delivery of milk thistle, however Liqua-Vade delivery technology (SEDDS) trumps them all. (5-14) Just take a look -

Comparison of absorption of milk thistle products

Bile acids - Liver Cleaners

Bile acids are the liver’s detergents -- flowing through the cellular channels all throughout the liver.

There are dozens of different bile acids created by the liver, all of which are metabolites of cholesterol. Essentially, they are created to dissolve and mobilize toxic material and export it from the liver and into the intestines for excretion. Different bile acids are needed to dissolve and carry different toxins from the liver.

In general, bile acids are your friends. However, certain drugs (including methylated steroids) cause the liver to slow bile acid production, and create a bile acid insufficiency, as well as cause a build up in the hepatotoxic bile acids (15-23) This makes a mess, and causes the liver to get jammed up fast. If the liver gets clogged up enough where bile can no longer flow from the biliary channels, a condition develops known as reversible cholestasis.

Luckily this liver condition is reversible. If you have suffered some toxic effects from steroids (or other drugs) you still have a chance to turn it around for the better.

Bile Acid – The Doctors Choice

Bile acid is the drug of choice prescribed to anabolic steroids users admitted for drug induced cholestasis. The drug is known as Ursodiol -- a.k.a. ursodeoxycholic acid. This naturally occurring bile acid is known for its hydrophilic action and ability to detoxify the liver by cleaning out less hydrophilic bile acids, among other toxins such as methylated hormone metabolites. (19, 24-27)

Unfortunately, Ursodiol is an expensive prescription drug, and not easily obtainable.

As I mentioned earlier, there is new and exciting research on milk thistle that we are excited to present. Research has shown us milk thistle has the ability to increase production of this protective bile acid -- ursodeoxycholic acid (at the same relative dose delivered by Liver Juice) (18-23)

The West Side Liver Gang – Cleaning up the Trash

The main active ingredients in milk thistle are flavonolignans, known as silichristin, silidianin, isosilibinin, and the most biologically active player, silybin (Our milk thistle extract is standardized to 30% silybin). (1-4)

When these milk thistle flavonolignans enter the liver they don’t mess around. They immediately start circulating the liver to signal sluggish and under-producing liver cells to pick up the production of liver cleansing bile acids, esspecialy the hepatoprotective variety such as ursodeoxycholic acid. It appears that silybin stimulates Cyp7a1 and Cyp3a enzymes to encorage conversion of cholesterol towards protective and hydrophilic bile acids. (18-23)

Now here is the clincher...

Studies have shown that milk thistle can reverse the down-regulating effect on bile acid production even during the administration of methylated steroids. So when steroids are in the liver inhibiting production of the beneficial bile acids, milk thistle steps in and ramps up beneficial bile acid production while enhancing the export of built up toxins (and methylated steroids) from the liver. (18-23, 28)

Liver Juice - Quick to Battle

With our Liqua-Vade delivery system, the active milk thistle flavones will reach the liver fast. Once absorbed through the intestines the biologically active flavones are immediately carried into the liver, where they begin stimulating the liver cells to revive detoxifying bile acid production. (8,9)

In animals with cholestasis induced from methylated steroids, milk thistle has been shown to significantly restore bile production and bile outflow in less than 5 days. (19-21) However we do encorage "pre-conditioning" the liver with Liver Juice two weeks prior to any methylated oral steroid cycle, while continuing use throughout the entire cycle.

Liver Juice – The Timeless Miracle Worker

Liver Juice (milk thistle) has been used safely to treat various liver diseases for thousands of years. Out of the dozens of published scientific papers on milk thistle, no harmful side-effects have ever been found. (1-4)

It was nearly 2000 years ago when Pliney The Elder noted that milk thistle juice was excellent for “carrying off bile”. (29) I guess it appears he was right after all.

Liver Juice can be dosed several different ways:

Liver Juice will last for 25 days at the full recommended dose. Liver Juice can be continued at this dose as desired.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Primordial Performance
Serving Size: 5cc (5mL oral syringe)
Per Container: 250mL
Ingredients (Amount Per Serving) 500mg Milk Thistle Plant Extract (Silybum marianum) (standardized to 80% silymarin)
400mg Minimum Total Flavonolignans
150mg Silybin
Other Ingredients Liqua-Vade Technology [Distilled Water, Sorbitan Monolaurate, Exthoxylated Sorbitan Trioleate, Ethoxylated Mono and Di-Glycerides, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Sesame Oil, Grape Spirits, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Phospholipid Complex (Phosphatidylcholine, Lysophosphatidylcholine), Ethyl Oleate, Glyceryl Triacetate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydroxyproply Methylcellulose], Malt Syrup, Natural Almond Flavor,Sucralose, Trisodium Citrate, Simethicone, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

For color: Contains Soy Phosphatidylcholine
As a dietary supplement take one 5mL dose, 1-2 times daily, 12 hours between each dose. Shake bottle well before each dose. Take with or without meals.

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