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Egg Protein

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The most perfect source of protein is said to be egg protein. Egg protein comes from the egg white. For this reason, egg protein is not only very high in protein, it is fat-free as well. The composition of vital amino acids, branched chain amino acids, and glutamic acid make egg protein the most inclusive source of protein. The convenient egg protein powder saves time from boiling eggs or eating raw eggs, and separating whites from the yolks.

Egg protein benefits are numerous with the top one being named as the highest in the vital amino acids called alanine, artinine, glycine, and methane. Egg protein is fat free and very high in vitamin and minerals with Vitamin D as a natural component. Cholesterol will not be found in egg protein and it is completely free from carbohydrates. This easily digested and absorbed protein powder is convenient for anyone on the go.

Other egg protein benefits include digestion enhancement since the essential amino acids are necessary for optimal growth and nourishment. Such digestion enhancement is necessary for the development of the body. Overtraining prevention is another benefit of egg protein. Egg protein consumed at about 0.88 grams per pound of body weight has proved to be beneficial for overtraining prevention.

Egg protein is high quality and very efficient for building muscle and improving recovery time. The overall bodybuilding and fitness goals will be positively affected by the consumption of egg protein. Another important factor is that egg protein has a high absorption ration of 1 ½ to 3 hours. It will absorb in less time than whey, but quicker than casein. It is high in sulfuric amino acids which are essential to the body’s hormone production.

Bodybuilders and athletes will benefit from taking an egg protein supplement. It is crucial that the body is fed within one hour of working out. Egg protein powder is best used in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet. Supplementing with this protein along with a decent diet should provide your body with the nutrients essential for healthy living.

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