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Thyroid Boosting Supplements

The thyroid gland is a gland that is located in the neck.  On men you can find it just below the Adam’s apple.  The thyroid gland is responsible for a variety of functions including the control and regulation of the body’s metabolic processes.

Because of the importance of the thyroid gland to the regulation of the metabolism, thyroid function is a key component of weight loss and weight control.  A low functioning or under active thyroid can therefore make it extremely difficult to lose weight and to keep it off.

The thyroid gland produces the hormones thyroxine and triodothyroxine, known as T4 and T3 respectively.  It is these hormones that help your body to break down food and utilize and store energy.  These hormones are essential to a healthy body and a working metabolism

When these hormones are lacking or functioning poorly or irregularly the whole metabolic process can be affected.  Simple tests performed at a lab can determine whether or not you have an over or under-active thyroid.  Symptoms of an under-active thyroid include feelings of sluggishness, weight gain, forgetfulness, infertility and possible miscarriages, joint or muscle pain, thin and brittle hair, depression, feelings of cold, and continuous constipation.  If you are suffering from any of these symptoms it would be wise to have a visit with your health care practitioner.

If major thyroid malfunction has been ruled out but you are still concerned about your thyroid gland there are a variety of natural supplements that can be utilized to help regulate and boost metabolic function.  Included are for instance, those supplements that can also be used alongside prescription thyroid medications such as ThyroSense.

Thyroid supplements can be useful for helping with weight loss and increasing energy levels.  Thyroid supplementation can also help with sluggishness and depression if an under active thyroid is diagnosed.

The importance of the thyroid gland’s function should not be ignored as it can severely impair health and fitness when it is malfunctioning.  Thyroid function can be responsible for a variety of ills and should therefore be checked if you are suffering from the symptoms outline above.  An all natural thyroid regulating supplement can sometimes help to alleviate these symptoms, but always consult with a physician if symptoms are severe or ongoing.