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Portion Control Tips for Easy Weight Loss

As most people know, controlling the amount you eat is a good deal of the battle when in comes to weight loss.  However, learning how to monitor your intake can be a bit of a challenge.  Today’s portion sizes tend to be a much heftier than they used to be which goes a long way to explaining why we are likewise a good deal heftier as a population.    But, learning to cut back on portion sizes even in the mist of a supersize culture is essential to long term weight loss and maintenance.  Keep reading to learn how to practice a few simple tricks that will keep you from overeating your way to ill health.

Tip 1: Drink water.  Not only is water great for your health on a variety of fronts, but it will also keep you feeling full.  While water can’t and shouldn’t replace eating a healthy diet, dehydration can itself lead to overeating.  Drinking water about twenty minutes before a meal can help you eat less than you otherwise would.  It is not a great idea to eat during a meal as this can dilute your digestive juices.  But, drinking water between meals can help keep you from snacking or overindulging at meal time.

Tip 2: Sharing.  Because restaurants tend to bring you portion sizes well beyond the requirements of a meal, it is always a good idea to ask your server before hand just how big the portions are.  If they are a good deal larger than you think you’ll need, sharing an entrée with a friend is a better way to go.  You can also order an appetizer if you think you’ll need it, but in most cases you probably won’t need it.  Certainly an appetizer plus a full sized restaurant meal these days can leave you bloated and uncomfortably full.  Moreover, the next day’s weigh in can have you feeling down for days to come.

Tip 3: Leftover storage.  While making enough supper for leftovers saves you time and money in the long run this can also wreak havoc on your diet.  Especially if you’re making something tasty you can find yourself opting for seconds, or thirds when you really don’t need to.  Try to package up your leftovers as soon as possible after cooking.  Also instead of storing them all together in one Tupperware container or dish, break them up into smaller portions that you can take with you for tomorrow’s lunch.  It’s actually a great idea to do this with all your cooking.  Preparing small size portions in advance will keep you from overeating when re-heating!

Tip 4: Opt for Greens.  By filling up a little on low calorie options like green salads with vinaigrettes, you will keep yourself from overindulging in higher calorie meals.  Try ordering a salad starter and then a side dish instead of a main.  You can do this at home as well by making sure to start every meal with some green veggies and keeping meat and/or pasta dishes as sides.

Portion control is an essential component of healthy weight loss.  Following the above tips can help you trim down and maintain your weight even in the face of plus size portions.