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Burning Off Stomach Flab

A bulge around the middle can be a particularly unsightly phenomenon, especially with swimsuit season fast approaching.  If you are one of the millions of people trying to fight the bulge before summer officially sets in you’ll want to keep reading.  Below are some helpful tips for getting rid of that spare tire.

While there is no such thing as being able to spot reduce, you can nevertheless do your best to improve the look and feel of your abdominal area.  By following a few guidelines and sticking to your guns, you can get your body swimsuit ready in no time flat.

Tip One: Eat more protein.  If you are filling up on carbohydrates all day, they will not only not keep you full, but they will also keep you flabby.  Complex carbohydrates like whole grains are of course important and should not be avoided entirely, but replacing some carb rich meals with protein rich foods will certainly help you to slim down before beach season arrives.  So next time you are heading for that cheese sandwich try instead a boneless skinless chicken breast over a healthy salad.  Almonds instead of crackers are also a great way to fill the hunger gap and keep you on your weight loss track.

Tip Two: Drink as much water as you can.  Although at first you might feel a little bloated from the water consumption, drinking water will actually help you slim down in the long run.  Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will not only benefit your muscles, but will also replenish you on a cellular level.  So not only will your muscles be looking tight, but your skin will be glowing too.

Tip Three: Add fibre to your life.  Eating fibre will help keep your digestive track in good working order thereby cutting down on bloating.  Fruits, bran, healthy cereals and brown rice will help keep your body in shape and will immediately cut inches off your waist by cutting down on the bloating bulge.  Moreover, this will help you to eliminate toxic build-up.  Keeping everything in smooth working order will make weight loss a whole lot easier.

Tip Four: Exercise is in.  Burning off stomach flab requires that you burn more calories than you consume for a while.  Weight loss requires that you reduce your total calorie intake whether by reducing your food or adding to your exercise regime, or ideally, by a combination of both.  Dieting alone will get you results, but you may end up with loose skin or saggy looking muscles.  Once the fat is gone your going to want strong abs to show off, not a pouch of saggy skin.  So make sure you get at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise four times a week, supplemented with resistance training.  Try out a Pilates class if you really want to tone those abs quickly.

Following a few simple rules will help you get ready for summer.  Time is ticking away so get started now and be on your way to a beach worthy bod!