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Best Low Calorie Barbecue Options

With summer’s approach most people are trying to get rid of the last remnants of the winter pounds and get their bodies ready for swimsuit season.  Of course, not only does one have to get one’s weight in check in the lead up to summer, but maintaining that fit body throughout the season is just as crucial.  While winter weather and holidays may have been responsible for staking on some of those pounds, the summer season can offer other weight loss challenges.

Barbecuing though a wonderfully casual social event, can pose problems for people struggling to maintain their hard earned weight loss.  With high fat meats, ample beer, and mayonnaise filled salads often offered in a serve yourself atmosphere, keeping to your resolutions can be more difficult that you think.  Keep reading below to learn how to avoid barbecue season pitfalls.

BYOB.  If you’re planning on having a few drinks at your next barbecue, be sure to bring your own booze.  Barbecue fare generally involves ample quantities of beer, which as we all know is full of empty calories.  If you are hoping to indulge a little bring some light beer or opt instead for lower calorie drinks like wine or vodka.  Of course, if you can abstain do.  Alcohol whatever kind is one of the worst culprits when it comes to adding calories and breaking all your resolve.  Drink to much and you’ll also probably find yourself going for seconds and thirds and/or pairing each sip with a handful of salty crisps.

Another tip is to stick to the green sides and avoid any salads that are of a white or creamy looking colour and texture.  Green salads area always a healthier choice and will provide you with better nutritional content than a potato salad doused in full fat mayonnaise.  While the latter may taste especially delicious, these types of salads are generally nutritionally lacking and high in fat.  So stick to your guns and stick to the greens.

Finally, you will want to opt for a lean meat or meat alternative for grilling.  Opting for salmon or another fish instead of steak is obviously a good choice.  You can also go for lean meat options such as boneless skinless chicken breast or turkey.  If, however, you need to get your red meat fix then try out bison meat instead of beef.  Bison is higher in nutritional content including the omegas, iron and protein.  All of these benefits with less fat.  So try out a bison burger next time you hit the grill.

Choosing these lower calorie and low fat options will help you keep yourself in shape throughout the summer season.  Do not let all your hard work at the gym be lost to high fat barbecue eating.