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4 Easy Steps To Fighting The Bulge

After a long winter of curling up with some comfort food you might be feeling a little uneasy as bathing suit season approaches.  If you’ve let the winter binging get the best of you then it is probably time to gear up for battle against the bulge.  Fat deposits around the waistline are especially a problem area as the summer approaches.  But below you will find five truly easy secrets to help you win the war and get your body ready for beach and barbecue season.

Step One: Step up the water intake.  Although adding extra water to your day may seem counter-intuitive when you’re trying to slim down, it will actually help you lose weight faster.  Hydration is especially important as the days get warmer and you start to lose moisture through perspiration.  Drinking eight glasses of water a day will not only boost your skin’s appeal, but will also help eliminate toxins and other undigested elements from your body.  By keeping your body well hydrated you will help avoid bloating and thereby instantly reduce the girth of your waistline.

Step Two: Take a multivitamin supplement.  Again although many people think that if you are overweight or even carrying a few extra pounds that you are well fed, it can in fact be quite the opposite.  Many people who are struggling with their weight actually suffer from malnourishment or nutrient deficiency.  Eating the wrong foods adds extra calories without adding nutrition.  A multivitamin and mineral supplement will give your body the energy and nutrients it needs and this can in turn decrease hunger cravings.  More importantly still, once your body is receiving what it needs it will be more efficient at getting rid of waste—including fat build-up.  So if you aren’t already doing it, take the time to buy yourself a good multivitamin as part of your spring weight loss program.

Step Three: Eat healthy snacks.  Eating healthy snacks every two to three hours throughout the day will also help you lose weight.  By stabilizing your blood sugar, frequent snacking will keep you from heading for the high carb treats when you hit a blood sugar low.  Starving yourself for hours will lead you straight to the chip aisle of the grocery store so plan in advance by keeping a handful of almonds and some fruit by your side.

Step Four: Make one meal a salad meal.  Making lunch or dinner chiefly composed of a salad will certainly help you get that swimsuit body you’ve been praying for.  By simply making one meal a salad meal you will be cutting out calories every day.  Mix it up and try different kinds of salads.  No need to stick to leaf lettuce and tomatoes if you’re in the mood for something with a little more pizzazz.  Try a Greek salad with low fat goat cheese or wrap it all up to go in a whole wheat pita pocket.  Adding a few seeds or strawberries to the salad will also give you a change and add extra nutrients to your day.

Trying out these simple and easy tricks will help you gear up for summer swimsuit season.  A healthy diet and exercise regime alongside these small changes will of course get you the results you want faster.  Making small changes can however make a huge difference when integrated into your daily routine.