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Boosting Immunity Naturally (Part One)

Considering the host of new bugs, flus and other viruses out there it’s probably time to take a look at our own state of health, particularly examining the functioning of our own immune system.  While medical science has been pretty amazing when it comes to fighting infections with antibiotics or vaccines which can be effective against the most dire forms of disease, the truth is that for centuries the only means to combat illness was basically with our immune systems.  Thus, the maintenance of a healthy and robust system was essential to warding off disease or at least fighting it successfully when it arrived.  And whether you chose to vaccinate yourself against the latest threats or not, finding ways to boost your body’s natural immune response is going to serve you well.  As we can’t know how viruses themselves will mutate, nor which new threats might arise, a highly effective immune system will always be the best bet when it comes to optimum health.

In today’s society, the consumption of pollutants through our foods, air and water, as well as the nutrient level of the food we eat, makes chronic disease and suppressed immunity fairly standard.  Yet, the immune system is the key to good health.  According to some medical researchers, even the aging process itself might be more closely linked to the state of immune function than merely the number of years that are passing.  As such, helping the immune system function at its highest level will not only bring you many more years of good quality life, but also boosting immune function might allow you to live them looking much younger than your years would suggest.

There are many signs of impaired immune system function.  Fatigue, repeated infections, inflammation, allergic reactions, listlessness, chronic diarrhea, slow wound healing, oral thrush, systemic candidiasis, etc.  While any of these symptoms may point to something else, if other medical possibilities have been ruled out, you may want to think about the state of your body’s immune system.  Most adults have about two colds a year.  If you are the type who is continuously plagued by colds and viruses than you may be suffering from a weakened immune system.  A feeling of chronic ill health without an obvious or medically recognized cause may therefore be low immune function.

There are, however, many natural supplements and remedies to help you boost your immune system naturally.  Most importantly a good acidophilus supplement should be sought out.  Acidophilus and Probiotics will help restore the good bacteria in your body, thereby helping the body to keep bad bacteria in check.  Coenzyme Q10 is another great immune system booster.  This supplement provides oxygen to the cells and helps maintain proper heart function.  This supplement further boosts energy and natural immunity.  Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are also most of the most important nutrients for maintaining good health.  EFA’s are necessary for immune system function. Finally Garlic, as many know, has always been a good traditional anti-bacterial and anti-viral nutrient.  In supplement form, Kyolic Garlic (aged) will stimulate the immune system response.  These small additions to your diet will help get you on your way to boosting your body’s natural immunity.  A healthy and robust immune system is always the best defense against invading bugs, germs and toxins.