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Calcium For Athletes and Bodybuilders

Calcium intake is extremely important-especially for athletes or people who regularly lift weights and weight train, as well as for women and children. Large amounts of calcium are needed to make bones and teeth as well as maintain their strength throughout your adult life.

Individuals who bodybuild and strength train commonly do not get enough calcium in their diet. Exercises which involve bearing weights on the body and gaining strength require strong bones in order to maximize their effect. The amount of calcium in your body determines the strength of our bones and without strong bones you will not excel in any exercise that you do. It should also be noted that excessive sweating which comes hand in hand with a good workout can actually deplete calcium levels in the body. If you perspire for an hour or more you have to be very mindful to replace the fluids you lose through sweating as well as to restore your calcium levels. For this reason a great after workout snack is yogurt paired with some fresh fruit or nuts.

Although dairy products do contain high amounts of calcium, there is no need to worry if you are lactose intolerant or are a vegan. Spinach, almonds, beans, brussel sprouts, soy milk, tofu, and bok choy are all plant foods that are very high in calcium. Vitamin D and potassium both help your body absorp calcium so pairing certain foods together will ensure that you get maximum absorption.